Image change with dependent / Related Options and price auto-update - for OpenCart 3.x

Module is designed to set related-to-option values for goods (eg. colour and size) with changing product images in main gallery. Option combinations also can have different prices.

Key Features: - Dependent-related options (with stock control) - Live price update - Product option Images change (from product gallery or/with adding images to option) - Unlimited options quantity and relations/dependencies - Stock quantity control for each option - Taxes and discount calculation - Multi-store and multi-language support - No core file changes

If your project is in production mode we kindly ask you to try first install this extension on a clone (test version) of your website. Or at least make a backup version of DB and all data.

Step 1.

a) Upload zip file RDO_v3-2-0_system_OC-3x.ocmod in Extension installer.
b) Upload one zip file from folder theme_ocmod in Extension installer. There are several files for different templates) One is for your theme. For example, if your theme is default - please use "RDO_theme-default_OC_3x_(v3-x-x)"


Note: if you are updating from older versions of the module - before installing new one please delete in modifications old theme and system ocmods.

Step 2.

Refresh Modifications


Step 3 (additional).

On a main dashboard panel in a developer settings refresh theme cash


Step 4.

At your Opencart site administration open 'Extensions' - 'Modules'. C


Click "Install" opposite "Related / Dependent options".


Installation is finished!

* In case of any incomprehensible situations - update the cache of modifications and clear the system cache (storage/cache/)

There are 2 modes of managing images:

a) select image of an option from product photos (will be shown in the gallery)

b) select of an image of an option from a file (will not be displayed in the gallery)

Fields "Parent option" and "Parent option value" by a certain product at the admin panel (tab "Options") are used to create related options.

By a store-front the related option is shown only after choosing some parent option value. After that related-to-option values are available according to a chosen parent option value. For example, related-to-colour size.

For editing related-to-option values open tab "Options" by a certain product at the Administration panel and fill in "Parent option" and "Parent option value". After you finish editing click "Save".

Also in the same tab you can upload image to certain option value or choose it from thу main product gallery

settings module

settings module

Module settings

settings module

Compatible themes (templates): Default / Journal3 / Etechno / XDS Frame Theme / Marketshop / LightShop
Important: Journal 3 supports only mode B of managing images

We can’t guarantee supporting of all the existing templates and service for adaptation is payable. Please write us support request to estimate necessary work before buying (it’s free). Price depends on a theme.

Be carefull if you have some other extensions that work with product options. Some conflicts may occur.

Product price calculation

If detecting an error in price display and calculation with digit groups seperation symbol follow the instructions:

Contact us via email .

Thank you for purchasing this extension!